Our history...

Our first Minister in 1672 (331 years ago) was Thomas Horrocks. He opened a boarding school for sons of local gentry and among  
his pupils were two sons of Sir Walter St. John. A secondary school named after Sir Walter St John was opened in Battersea High  
Street.  In 1796 Rev Joseph I Hughes became our Minister.  He was also a founder member of the British and Foreign Bible Society in  

The current Bible study material "Emmaus" is produced by the Bible Society, so we are still reaping the benefits of his work.  In 1838  
Rev Israel May Soule became our Minister.  During his ministry the Church grew from 30 to 450 members.  One of the roads nearby  
- off of Plough Road - is named after him.  In the 1900's Joseph Tritton supported the Church and a school named after him was  
located nearby, however it has recently been closed and flats are currently being built on the site.

Other Pastors

Rev Bill Mumby - 1969
Rev Cyril Morgan - 1976
Rev Morris Munns - 1984
Rev Julian Gotobed - 1991
Rev LeRoy Burke - 2003 to date

In Christ we trust
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